Fed Up

Dear World

WHY are most of us saying we are Fed Up?

WHAT is going on that makes us so Fed Up?

Are we making any Changes to end Fed Up?

Are we seemingly going around and around with life not going anywhere and that makes us Fed Up?

Are we generally just feeling un-settled inside of us all of the time and that makes us Fed Up?

Are we Bored with how our life actually is and that Reality reminds us how Fed Up we feel?

Are we sensing that our Fed Up-ness comes from our Choices that we make every day?

Are we Fed Up of life not giving us what we want, when we want and how we want it?

Are we Fed Up of hearing about how great others are and in comparison our life is way too Boring?

Are we Fed Up of some of our friendships but we do the Nice thing and moan to others about it?

Are we Fed Up with Listening to others consistently draining us with their negative nellie stories?

Are we Fed Up of the relationship that we feel Stuck in but we continue in hope that something might Change?

Are we Fed Up with our partner’s behaviour but we stick it out as it’s better than living on our own?

Are we Fed Up of all the arguments and tension in our home life but feel we gotta just suck it up?

Are we Fed Up with the way the kids are acting up all the time and not listening to anything we have to say?

Are we Fed Up of the children insisting on more Screen Time when we know it’s going to have adverse effects?

Are we Fed Up with scrolling Social Media and feeling even more Depressed after another day on it?

Are we Fed Up of our house mates and partners not doing their share of the cleaning and Tidying Up?

Are we Fed Up of the utter lack of regard when it comes to Waste in our Neighbourhood, on the streets?

Are we Fed Up with the way our job currently is and the colleagues who do very little work and Get Away with it?

Are we Fed Up with our job and we make no movements to Change it?

Are we Fed Up of having to use several Alarm Clocks to wake us up every morning for work?

Are we Fed Up of sleepless nights but we carry on with our Late Nights and no Sleep routine?

Are we Fed Up of never preparing for work or anything and winging it, even though life is not working at all?

Are we Fed Up soon after our Holiday is over as we don’t want to face what’s coming next?

Are we Fed Up of the long delays and the way our governments are handling the latest crisis?

Are we Fed Up of reading about the experts who advise on Health1 matters but sure don’t look a picture of Health2?

Are we Fed Up with the way society is going when it comes to lax laws on Drugs and Alcohol?

Are we Fed Up with the mundane Daily Routine of life and just making ends meet?

Are we Fed Up of eating out and fast foods at home but we never make the time and space to cook?

Are we Fed up with blowing Money, having no kind of budget and winging it and hoping things will get better?

Are we Fed Up of studying and having no social life and convincing ourselves that we don’t have FOMO?

Are we Fed Up with just about everything right now that is happening in our life?

Dictionary tells us that Fed Up means =

Bored – especially with a situation that has existed for a long time. (1)

Disappointed, especially by something that you have experienced for a long time.

Annoyed or disgusted by something that you have experienced for too long. (2)

Fed Up with = Very Tired of something (3)

Going with what the meaning of these 2 words are – we could agree that it has something to do with things not moving along and being Stuck in the same old situation.

That situation could be ANY of the list of Questions presented above.

Words and Phrases Related to Fed Up

Having patience, interest or pleasure exhausted

Sick and Tired



Done In
Played Out
Worn Out


Repulsed (4)

Dear World

This simple article gives us some Questions to consider and there are plenty more that could be presented for us to relate to, but enough said.

The fact we have so many words and phrases that relate to FED UP tells us that this is something that is happening to most of us.

We are FED UP and that means…


So, what are we going to do about the situation?

Carry on business as usual OR make the movements to Change?



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