How are we Living?

Dear World

How are we Living when it comes to our homes?

What is going on behind the scenes when we close the front door?

How are we moving and that means what is our behaviour indoors?

What has come to light is many of us are living differently to the image we give out to the world in general.

In other words, we may appear to be living in a way that is not in line with what we are actually living.

Nothing you are about to read is made up or coming from a joke book.

The following questions ought to be considered as they come from Real life and that means as humanity we are doing this.

Do we create this face out there to the world and its brothers that we live in a certain way but in Reality it is nowhere near that?

Do we Hoard and live in a total mess at home, but leave the house looking dapper with our Winston Churchill hat on and polished shoes for the office?

Do we live in utter squalor as we are pissed off with life and take it out on our living space by showing no respect to our home?

Do we have a habit of collecting anything and everything because we have this ‘Just Incase’ syndrome running daily and our home is unable to breathe its own breath?

Do we have our cupboards in chaos and can never find anything, but to a guest arriving everything looks pretty and a picture like it is a ‘show house’ for potential house buyers?

Do we happily look after things that belong to others and clutter up our space and never speak up and say its clogging our home so time to go?

Do we run a Business, have no space to rest and create a mess daily in our home as we simply do not have any Routine or rhythm flowing in our home?

Do we have clients visit our home for a relaxing treatment and we get the entrance area and room ready but forget that we have a total mess behind the other doors?

Do we like the delivery apps which do our shopping and cooking, but we are not great at disposing of the leftover food that stinks up our home?

Do we have no regard for emptying the Trash and washing up daily, so it just gets left until we are forced to do it?

Do we have a lifestyle that can afford cleaners and concierge but somehow we still forget to do the basics like clean up after we have eaten or made a mess in the Toilet?

Do we somehow convince ourselves that cleaning a Toilet is just not our pay grade and has to be the job for someone else but certainly not us?

Do we live a mess and plan to get around to cleaning and clearing up our home one day but in the meantime we are way too busy booking our third Holiday as that’s more fun?

Do we constantly feel drained and Tired and the thought of getting home from work and Tidying Up is not stimulating but watching TV is?

Do we go out to work all day and expect things to magically happen in our home, as that’s what the others should be doing but don’t?

Do we put our Focus on everything but bringing our home into some order and cleaning regularly so things are not just left for that day that never seems to come?

Do we go all out to give the kids everything we never got and forget that they need to learn how to be responsible and do house tasks and not expect new Video Games and the latest trainers?

Do we want others to clean up and clear up for us in our own home as growing up and taking that responsibility is not what we want?

Do we want our mothers and our home help to do the jobs we hate because we view everyday tasks as mundane and Boring?

Do we live in a dream bubble and that means never face the everyday responsibilities and avoid them by doing as little as we can when it comes to house jobs? 

Do we act like we are totally On it to all those out there but in Truth we live totally Not On because  our home tells us so?

Do we have an underhand illicit life going on inside our home behind closed doors but have a front to fool the world with our nice Car and well-dressed kids we chauffer to school which is a 5 minute walk?

Do we have Businesses that profits from others through a lack of integrity and this enables us to acquire large homes to live a false status in society?

Do we constantly want what others have and so we get into debt just to get those material things and fill our home up with items that lack the love and care we actually want?

Do we have a tendency to just Hold On to everything and make it look like we have order but really it’s just plain and Simple Hoarding going on?

Do we live in Online Shopping madness, where the home keeps receiving everything we desire and we have no time to even dispose of the boxes that mount up in our hallway?

Do we have mad moments at home of bringing order and clarity to our chaos so we go shopping on a screen in a false reality that creates even more dis-order once the items arrive one by one?

Do we feel entitled to having certain things because it’s our money and our life but noticed it has made us quite dis-connected in our general interactions and relationships with others?

Do we live in a swanky apartment that has those views that many would die for as they say, but in Truth we live quite a Lonely existence as there is only so much we can post of these images on our Social Media platforms that attract heaps of fake followers?

Do we rent and then sub-let and cram in as many as we can to maximise our income but complain we only have one room to live in?

Do we hate our tiny living conditions, but it allows us to save money and send that back to our Families abroad, as they have less than what we got but we forgot they seem to be more content with less?

Do we avoid making our Bed each morning and cannot recall ever having a regular Routine to change the bedding or open the windows to air the room?

Do we have a smell that is stagnating in our home but we put up with it instead of getting on top of it by doing a proper regular clean?

Do we tidy up once a month and blitz the place because the game is on and the lads are coming over with the beers and Junk Foods to keep it all going?

Do we have a messy home and it spills over to our messy Car, or do we not care about how we live as it’s just somewhere to eat, Sleep and have a TV?

Do we dread the day that someone knocks on our door because we have clearly not been living with Transparency when it comes to our working life?

Do we ensure we have no guests around or very few as we don’t want our homes contaminated by other vibes but we make out we are very open to everyone but it’s not true?

Do we work excess hours just to avoid home life as we hate the tension it brings but do nothing about it?

Do we work and then work some more and have no balance, so home living suffers and the laundry gets left but we find Solutions like buying more so we don’t have to face that pile of ironing?

Do we live in a way where our kids seem to want to be on the streets instead of the home, but we never question why this is happening as we are relieved they are not under our nose?

Do we let the kids run riot at home and wonder why the neighbours step in and say something as the waywardness continues outside the home?

Do we throw everything at the child we have to raise, only to find out that they are not a child but acting like an adult that does what it wants and how it wants with little regard to discipline of any kind?

Do we water the plants and keep the outside of our home looking pretty, but inside we put up silently with the invisible domestic abuse that society has yet to record because it is not physical scars?

Do we live in a constant state of tension and fear in our own home because our partner is drinking Alcohol1 every day and using verbal abuse to attack us?

Do we feel scared for our children and the elders we live with because a member of the family member is addicted to Drugs and Alcohol2

Do we crave foods at home that do not support our sedentary lifestyle but even going for a walk or cooking a meal with vegetables is nowhere on our radar, so to speak?

Do we have Excuses that we are living like x, y, z because we are on low income, or cost of living affects us eating healthy foods but we have never bothered to test it out to see what is possible with our budget?

Do we feel un-motivated because our ingrained habits are that of zero responsibility when it comes to making the movements to take care of our body and our home?

Do we lounge around in our elasticated waist comfort bottoms and come up with the Excuse that a gym membership is stopping us exercising when we know that is not the Truth?

Do we live in a way that is polar opposite to what we as humans have been designed to live?

Whatever we do or don’t do will affect How we are Living and there is no Getting Away from this.

What we may have yet to realise is how we are TRULY living does affect everyone and everything.

This website is leading the way in Lifestyle Choices and saying THERE IS ANOTHER WAY TO LIVE.






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  1. I have been clocking what goes on outside here on my streets and in my neighbourhood and local community more so than before.

    I sense it has something to do with how I actually live every day and then sharpening up more and more – not with anything perfect on the agenda, or greater or better than, but more of a decency and respect for not just my environment but what goes on beyond my closed door.

    I realise that we seem to have a warped dual kind of approach with how we live and what we do outside of those 4 walls we call home.

    Examples from real life and not made up lies –

    Owning 2 vehicles and no expense spared for the kid to have anything it wants.
    Normal behaviour is abuse of screaming and shouting and violent behaviour. This child is not even a teenager yet.

    Waste disposal collect the recycle bin and do not take the huge ‘car part accessory’ that requires a trip to the local recycling centre. We could say that was simple.
    No – they attempt week after again to dispose of this huge item which is not allowing the bin lid to shut, but that’s easier than taking it to recycling.

    Next – Asking a smoker to not leave cigarette butts outside a shared residence and the partner responds it’s totally OK as it is being thrown on the public pavement and not in their driveway so that makes it totally OK and acceptable. Is this some kind of “entitlement”?

    Next – Illegal activity in the name of ‘earning a living’ because they should not even be living in the country. The so-called employer likes the fact that these kind of people do not live in their neighbourhood but travel far as they have secured a job under the radar.
    We could say it suits everyone to have these kinds of arrangements.
    Domestic servitude is rife and our blindness to it ensures it remains and continues.

    Next – Owning expensive vehicles when living in rentals should set off alarm bells but no one says a word and if we are honest, most have noticed that it’s safer to not talk about this kind of stuff as we know something is underhand and not legal.

    Next – Having non stop parcel deliveries daily and saying you “Enjoy opening them as it’s like a present/gift” is not the answer for an addiction to online shopping. Add to this the waste created is so huge that they PAY for removal of the waste packaging.
    This type of behaviour has become the norm when it is clearly the Abnormal.

    Next – Ordering delivery for food during the day every day as that suits us but we do not have a job and then again, more food delivered on the bike for the kids after school which is ALL junk foods. Yes this seems to be normal and it is not just a one-off, so we could say this kind of ‘repeated behaviour’ is a form of addiction.

    Next – Dumping our rubbish that we no longer want in our home in the communal space and never taking action even if reminded confirms our double standards.
    Bit like the smoker leaving cigarette butts, we see it as OK because it is not in our personal space but very OK to contaminate the shared space that others have to use.

    Next – working from home totally isolated – rarely interacts or engages with anyone in the neighbourhood.

    Tenants sublet a small room which becomes the bedroom and the office and the living area. Parcel deliveries daily and food deliveries usually twice a day and heavy smoking.

    Do tenants just see it for the money they can save without any regard to having another human being in the same home?

    What quality do those that interact with this guy receive from their work colleague via a screen a few times a week?

    Is anyone actually aware of what happens when a person literally withdraws from life and stops real life communication?

    What kind of world are we creating and what kind of reflection is this for those kids growing up in the neighbourhood – that this behaviour is ok and normal?

    How we are living needs to be examined in detail.
    What if all this affects ALL of us and that includes the person doing any of the above?

    There is more but a snapshot sends the message to the reader of this comment that unless we raise our standards, uphold them by remaining consistent and speaking up where needed with no apology or nice tone, then we stand a chance one day of turning the tides on this “irresponsible living” because that is what it really is.

    Most of us never say anything as we know there will be backlash of some kind and so this kind of every day stuff continues. If we never talk about it then we can comfortably say we are enablers of the situation we currently have in our society. This is not one neighbour, this stuff is going on in every pocket of our world. Different stories but same irresponsible loose living.

  2. SME Bulletin – 19 November 2023

    People with physical conditions struggle with 18 activities, including sleep.

    New research has revealed that millions of Britons suffer from regular physical pain, which is impacting their ability to exercise, sleep and travel.

    52% of Britons suffer from regular physical pain, such as back pain, arthritis or skin conditions.

    35% say it affects their ability to exercise.

    34% struggle to sleep due to their pain.

    24% say it inhibits their ability to travel in a car for long distances.

    The most common physical pains were:

    19% back pain
    17% joint pain
    15% neck pain
    10% hip pain

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