Dear World

Has anyone noticed, things are getting intense for us?

Are we sensing that life has become more challenging?

Are we simply not equipped to deal with the day ahead?

Are we always dragging our heels instead of moving on?

Are we furious when we see others just Getting on With It?

Are we stuck in a rut with that narrative in our head saying ‘there is no way out’?

Are we on the drive and Push road in life, as we have carved out what we want and are going for it?

Are we big into ideals and beliefs about our future, that do not match the reality of where we are at now?

Are we finding our body is lagging behind where we have set those expectations about our life?

Are we dis-regarding our body and forcing it to perform, setting goals that are impossible to achieve?

Are we living daily with tension and compression in our Head region because of life?

Are we Listening to other people and all their problems and we don’t have the energy to express what we have got going on?

Are we busy blaming the environment, Politics, the tax man or that damn neighbour for all that is not going well in life?

Are we out to set the score and get back at those that seemingly hurt us and it is Exhausting us?

Are we whinging about the kids and their Crazy behaviour for which we don’t seem to have the answers?

Are we in Giving Up mode so we see no point in bothering to make any Real Changes?

Are we finding the daily routine and everyday tasks in life way too Boring and disturbing for our wayward lifestyle?

Are we busy flicking Social Media way past bedtime because that’s how we ‘catch up’ and not suffer with FOMO?

Are we hooked into our Screens and forget there are daily responsibilities that require our attention?

Are we ready to pick up our self-medication called Alcohol as we deserve to relax and it makes us numb, so we forget about how Exhausted we actually are?

Are we busy looking sidewards in comparison to what others are doing or not doing?

Are we having Sleep problems and can’t seem to nail it even with the wide range of Solutions out there?

Are we way beyond Tired o’clock and yet we have no intention of having an Early night as we want time out?

Are we eating just to fill us up and function but we end up every time feeling even more Tired?

Are we craving Junk Foods, take outs and quick ready meals as the thought of shopping, preparing and cooking is tiring?

Are we an on the go type of person that has no time to Stop and take a break as Exhaustion is for lazy people?

Are we living on a false fuel that revs up and races our body and if we stop we would simply not be able to get up?


What if our children show us signs of tiredness when we take them away from their natural Sleep rhythm?

What if these signs display themselves as wanting foods that contain sugar?

What if we know most breakfast cereals contain high sugar content and yet we just give it to them to mask the tiredness?

What if the eating habits of our young children give us an indication where they may be heading with their tiredness?

In other words, simply by observing their Diet we would know if this undealt with tiredness will lead to excess tiredness that we call Exhaustion.

What if we have a blind spot when it comes to checking if our kids are Exhausted because we actually are Exhausted?

What if this depleted life force energy that our body needs to have vitality levels, is not addressed for many years?

What if our Lifestyle Choices of numbing ourselves with foods that are empty with no nutritional value, keeps us Exhausted?

What if over the years the body functions with Exhaustion and small things start to Overwhelm us?

What if we do not address the small stuff and before we know it more areas of our life feel overwhelming?

What if we continue to ignore the Overwhelm we feel and the Stress of life in general just wants to make us Give Up?

What if some have Given Up on life and are not aware that it is the Exhaustion in our body that needs our attention?

What if our model of human life is not teaching us to take deep Care of our body and honour it from day dot?

In other words, continue with the daily rhythm and Routine that we apply with a tiny baby and ensure we do not feed the body anything that might bring in a disturbance to our natural state?

What if it is worth clocking the tiredness we feel and taking Action, instead of continuing down the road where we next meet Exhaustion and then Overwhelm?

What if Overwhelm is just not worth it as our body tells us there is only one road ahead = Giving Up?

How many of us have Given Up on life and feel like there is no way out and what is the point?

On that note Simple Living Global have dedicated this website to ALL of humanity to live another way without the need to walk the road that leads to Overwhelm.

In other words, deal with the tiredness, get the Sleep sorted and GET ON WITH IT. This website has enough to support those that are ready, open and willing to deal with their Overwhelm.

We then empower ourselves to get back on track and inspire others as we continue in life.





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