State of the World

Dear World

Are we ready to wake up now and examine the Real State of the World?

Are we able to digest that the State of our World is seriously in a mess?

Are we able to admit that our Solutions for our ills are failing us and are not the answer?

While we go about our business, living our own life – are we aware of what else is going on in the World?

Simple Living Global has dedicated this website to bringing awareness to Humanity about Humanity and that means ALL of us.

We can simply no longer be switching off to the harm that is going on in our world, as we are all a part of it.

When we know corruption is at epic levels – what do we do or not do when it gets to our ears, eyes or under our nose. In other words, in your face?

We all know that our systems that have been created are failing us and yet we allow them to run the show, so to speak.

We know there are modern day plagues like Exhaustion and Loneliness that just go under the radar.

Year on year, we have News headlines that we just ignore, as it’s the other end of the world – not my country, not my kids, not my problem, not interested.

This website has recorded some news headlines over the past 5 years and this is well worth looking at before reading any further.

Note – we are not short of content and whilst some stats are repeated, it is simply to make the point about the State of the World. Nothing more and nothing less.






For those that need a Reality Check, have a quick look and there are 1,414 news stores telling us that we have a 911 Dear World we need to wake up now.

Then read the article Our World as a Business and it will become evident that we have miserably failed and our current model of human life has not worked.

Let’s stop pretending, being dumb, blind, deaf and acting stupid when it comes to what is really going on in our World.

Before we champion, campaign and ra ra about the next trend on Social Media stop and pause.

Get Real and get Honest about what and how you are contributing the State of this World.

A small snapshot about the current State of the World –

  • 54% teachers report poor mental health
  • 1 in 4 adults have multiple health problems UK
  • Children having teeth extracted in hospital age 1
  • Babies dying due to lifestyle of mothers
  • Overweight – 2nd biggest cause of Cancer
  • 1 in 10 with Asthma are Indian
  • Coffee to come with Cancer warning in California
  • 5 million cardiovascular disease deaths attributed to salt globally.
  • University students Suicide higher than general population.
  • Female students rise in Suicide – double in 5 years

The above are from 2018 and let us not be fooled that with all the intelligence and technological advancements, we are somehow eliminating or dealing with anything mentioned above.

Let’s have a quick look at the State of the World during the Pandemic era…

  • 1 in 5 female veterans have PTSD
  • Suicide hit record high in 2019 – England
  • 1 in 4 age 18 to 34 seriously considered Suicide
  • 130% rise Domestic Violence in Columbia
  • 4,000 Domestic Abuse arrests in London during lockdown.
  • Surge in Domestic Violence incidents doubled globally
  • 700% increase in calls to Domestic Abuse helpline UK
  • 60% rise in Domestic Violence related homicides
    Chicago, USA
  • 20 people every minute physically abused by intimate partner in the U.S.
  • 20 million Women and girls suffer sexual violence every year  South America
  • 30,000 in Germany involved in child abuse network
  • Human Trafficking – world’s fastest growing crime
  • New ways of Trafficking in Lockdown – hidden deep within the black market economy.
    Nail Salons, Takeaways, Cannabis Farms, Car Washes and Domestic Work
  • 50% rise in non-fatal shootings
    Detroit, USA
  • Machete attack every 2 hours on streets in UK
  • 5 people die every day in India due to police brutality
  • 6.8 million fewer female births in India
    Female feticide – son considered asset to Indian family
  • 62% age 18 – 24 have highest level symptoms Anxiety and Depression  USA
  • 74% adults in UK – overwhelmed Stressed unable to cope.
  • 50% of the World have Oral Diseases
  • Sugar is the main cause of dental problems
  • 7.7 million tons total Chocolate consumption
  • 60 – 90% of children have tooth decay globally
  • Children age 8 showing signs of Diabetes
  • 1.8 million new cases of Colorectal Cancer in UK
  • 2.2 billion have Vision impairment
  • 90% adults worldwide have tension Headaches
  • 280 children start smoking everyday
    200 adults die from smoking everyday
  • 1.4 billion use Tobacco worldwide
  • 10.5 million in UK Gamble online
  • $10 TRILLION – our world gambles annually
  • 1 in 5 gamblers increase activity in lockdown UK
  • 52% increase in gambling to ‘relieve boredom’

  • $11.3 billion spend on Drugs in Australia
  • Cocaine becomes stronger and cheaper
  • 27% rise in cocaine related deaths among women UK
  • 47% Marijuana users experience withdrawal symptoms
    Anxiety, depression, sleeplessness, tremors, fever, sweating and headaches USA
  • European Cannabis users buy more for lockdown
  • Street Cannabis substantially stronger across the world
    Largest study ever on Cannabis
  • 700 dead in Iran after drinking Alcohol1 to cure virus
  • Alcohol2 sales up since pandemic
    USA | UK
  • 32% in U.S. binge drinking during stay at home lockdown
  • Alcohol1 – adults consume twice daily guidelines globally
  • 53% drink Alcohol2 for mental health reasons in UK
  • Pet theft crime – big rise during lockdown
    Enormous horrific organised crime UK
  • 53 million metric tonnes electronic Waste worldwide in 2019.
  • 33% Food produced globally wasted
  • $1.2 TRILLION worth of Food waste globally
  • 1 billion worldwide affected by Obstructive Sleep1 Apnoea  
  • 100 million homeless worldwide
  • Unemployment highest since the Great Depression
  • 41 million U.S. workers unemployed in pandemic
  • 50 million worldwide live with Dementia
  • 1 in 5 elderly people abused in UK

Next –

Let us take a quick look at the State of the World last year – 2022

  • £10 billion cost of Hangover to UK economy
  • 60% smokers started before age 18 in New Zealand
  • 1 million age 14 to 17 new daily Tobacco users
    75% Vaping e-cigarettes daily in U.S.
  • 40% rise in e-cigarette sales
  • 64.6% users are youth in U.S.
  • E-Cigarettes are not safe
    Convincing body of evidence exists that confirms e-cigarettes cause lung inflammation and injury and negative health effects in multiple organs
  • $891 billion economic cost of cigarette smoking in 2020  USA
  • $1 TRILLION cost of Dementia worldwide in 2019
  • 1 million people in the UK have Dementia
  • Mental Health1 issues common among young in Australia
    19% have Anxiety – likely binge drink and vape
  • 50% all older adults die with Dementia diagnosis in U.S.
  • 35% higher risk blood clots watching 4 hours TV a day
  • 50% increase in mental illness among Children
  • 17% teenagers and children have Depression in U.S.
  • Most children under 5 exceed Screen Time guidelines
    New Worldwide study
  • People more comfortable interacting with female robot with human like features.
  • Every 4 hours children go to Emergency room for injuries from ATV accidents in U.S.
  • 800 million people with Obesity worldwide
  • $1 TRILLION medical consequences by 2025
  • 42.4% adults in the U.S. are currently Obese
  • 1 in 3 children Obese in UK and continues to rise
    22.4% increase in pandemic age 2 – 19
  • 1 in 10 adults worldwide have Chronic Kidney Disease
  • 7.8 million young adults hospitalized due to Heart Attacks USA
  • Third of working population in Canada – Burnout
  • Cancer – 10 million deaths in 2020 globally
  • Oesophageal Cancer rising among middle-age Americans
  • 9,500 diagnosed skin Cancer each day in U.S.
  • 600,000 Opioid overdose deaths since 1999
    North America
  • 67% increase in Opioid overdose deaths – Canada
  • Increase in children using Opioids and Fentanyl – USA
  • 90% Opioid deaths due to Fentanyl in USA
  • Fentanyl pills seized by U.S. law enforcement up 4,850%
  • 5-fold increase – Opioid overdose death toll among American Indian and Alaska Native Communities
  • U.S. Teenage overdose deaths more than doubled in 3 years.
  • 51% rise Suicide attempts for girls age 12 to 17 in U.S.
  • Suicide – leading cause of death in U.S. jails
  • 44% Suicide deaths age 14 to 18 caused by guns in U.S.
  • Suicide – 2nd leading cause of death age 10 to 14
  • 40% deaths occur within 7 days of admission to jail
  • High demand of firearms in criminal market place
  • 60% of CBD products tested in U.S has THC
  • Cannabis poisoning in pets significant rise in U.S. and Canada.
  • Cocaine deaths up 40-fold since 1990s in UK
  • 58% increase in Cocaine addiction in UK
  • 88% increase in Ketamine
  • Laughing gas epidemic in UK
  • 2nd most used drug among 16 to 24 year olds  UK
  • £10 billion UK drug market with 3 million users
  • 52% of new psychoactive substances sold and consumed in Europe 2021.
  • 350 drug production facilities found in Europe 2020
  • Women treated for Gambling in UK doubles in 5 years
  • 530% rise in over the counter sleeping aid melatonin for children under age 5 in past decade – USA.
  • 100,000 addicted to sleeping pills in Korea
  • 2 in 3 Americans use sleeping aids
  • 1 billion worldwide Obstructive Sleep Apnoea
  • Biggest rise in anti-anxiety prescription drugs age 25-34  UK
  • Astronauts get Kidney stones, space travel link extreme pain.
  • Astronauts struggle to recover bone density
  • 160 million still engaged in child labour globally

Enough said on repeat.

Next –

Elderly abuse is at “unprecedented levels” in the UK and 30% of the elderly that are abused do not view beating or hitting as abuse. How serious is that Dear World?

Next –

1 in 5 of our physicians – yes the qualified doctor is experiencing Suicidal ideation and studies consistently show that physicians are more likely to experience work related stressors prior to Suicide.

What on earth is going on in the workplace for the physician?

We are told it is substance abuse, relationships, legal matters and finances.

Could it be possible that there are financial problems if substance abuse is around?

Next –

We have ‘growing evidence’ that Alcohol1 negatively impacts the brain. A new study in the UK states that even a moderate amount of Alcohol2 consumption is linked to brain damage. (1) 

Simple Living Global have collated even more ‘evidence’ to confirm that no amount of Alcohol1 is beneficial to the human body – read our article Alcohol Awareness which simply lists research and news stories confirming all the above.

What is it that enters our mind and makes us do silly things like read with our so-called intelligent mind that Alcohol1 is a poison and yet conveniently ignore that and just drink the Alcohol2 we choose in whatever form because we can.

Next –

How serious are things if one of our largest nations on earth have a Suicide and crisis lifeline – 3 digit number?

Next –

Why are the masses and that means most of us not aware that Dementia is fast becoming a global epidemic?

Next –

Why are we unable to join the dots and work out why on earth traumatic brain injuries continue to rise among high school girls? (2)

Next –

Why are 50% of parents in the U.S. not aware of the health implications linked to screen time? Do we really need a study to tell us this?

Next –

We have new dis-eases like Orthosomnia – this term is used for an obsessive pursuit of optimal sleep that is driven by Sleep2 tracker data.

And did we all know that following a large observational study, children diagnosed with Depression have a higher risk of 66 diseases, self-harm and premature death? (3)

Yes, you read correctly. That number is not a typo. Numbers cannot lie so we have something here worth noting.

We keep hearing that more and more kids are getting depressed.
Well we better be prepared for those 66 diseases if we ignore what we just read or felt.

World Health Organization tells us that Depression is the leading global cause of disability worldwide. (4)


What this article highlights is the State of our World and it sure is not in good shape, so to speak.

We have a catalogue of illness and disease growing exponentially and our Solutions to fix them require even more solutions.

We have crime and corruption and everything else we choose to not admit as we have made ourselves immune to that kind of News.

It will not go away and we simply cannot afford to ignore it any longer. Things need to Change and they have to. If that feels impossible, uncomfortable or disturbing, we can simply do nothing and see what happens next.

The real State of the World today is that we have a model of life that is not working and has never worked.

Why we know this is because of the above statistics.

How we know this is we only have to look around and see our brothers in the Neighbourhood, on the streets and in the Community to confirm that things are pretty bad, to say the least.

Nothing is working and yet we seem to be ok with bopping along, doing our thing, having a groan and a moan then continuing ‘business as usual’, but have we forgotten we are here to evolve? As the leading species on this planet what is our role and are we aware that we each have to make the changes needed so that we can collectively ALL evolve.

The State of our World requires an AGM where we all start with taking Responsibility for every move we make and that includes what comes out of our mouth and everything we ingest and how we walk in daily life.

Without those basic 101 daily responsibilities, we cannot unite for a world AGM and that means we continue on the road of Delay.




(1) (2022, July 14). New Study Finds Even Moderate Alcohol Consumption May Increase Brain Damage, Potentially Through Iron Overload. Nuffield Department of Population Health. Retrieved January 29, 2023 from

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