Dear World

How are the New Year Resolutions going so far?

How many of us have started off the New Year with some kind of Detox?

Why do we bang on about Detox and then fall off the wagon, as it seems a bit too much to ‘give it a go’ and stick to it?

Why do we have the Social Media ra ra about anything and everything we can ‘Detox’ from in our life?

Detox is the short version of the word Detoxification.

It is a process over a period of time where we stop or abstain from toxic or unhealthy substances.

We usually associate it with Drugs and Alcohol but our modern world talks about Detox for anything and everything that we know is harmfull to us, including Relationships.

Some real examples that we could relate to are…

We could say that Detox is like Fasting – we keep away from something as it may Stop us in the momentum we are running.

For example – we could use Late Nights and Sleep.
We do our Screen Time way too late, are on Social Media scrolling, have virtual Conversations or binge watching something and for others it could be actually talking late (usually with a substance).

So the drug of choice could be an illegal substance OR it could be the modern day socially accepted norm –
In other words, the masses are doing it, so it suddenly becomes our new normal.

Continuing on the Late Nights and Sleep example.
We need the Alcohol up to take us away from a natural winding down at the end of the day, where no stimulation or distraction, or numbing from our issues is required.

We like to conveniently forget or not be reminded that Alcohol is a scientific proven poison and there is absolutely nothing in that drink that is going to support the human being. What it does is alter our natural state.

This makes sense WHY we use it to stay up Late and move away from our natural bed time.

For some, the one or two drinks are no longer cutting it.
WHY – could it be possible that the Stress during the day at work, with the kids or studying at college or the unresolved issues we keep burying or the Financial burdens or the Relationship arrangement we continue to make out is ok are not and far from it?

Are these some of the reasons WHY we need a numbing substance called Alcohol – so we can forget all that for one more night?

Have we clocked it yet that we seem to have a tolerance level that means we need more than two drinks to keep that damn stuff away, something enters our mind and it keeps feeding us all sorts of fear, scenarios and pictures about our so-called awefull life?

Do we realise that Sleep has something to do with building our immune system?

Are we aware that the QUALITY of our Sleep can have serious consequences?

Have we got any idea how huge the sleeping aids industry is and why we keeping going for Fixing and Solutions?

Common sense has told us all that not dealing with our stuff – regardless of how ugly or bad we have made it to be is NOT the answer.

It is high time we faced up to the ugly demons that goad us, haunt us and rob us of the Basic 101 everyday living routine and tasks that are needed, which can and will Change our approach to dealing with life and whatever it is we need to be equipped for going forward.

First, we need to admit everything that we know is not True.
Stop the Lying, the pretending, the Fake and Phoney Relationships, the self-medication route that we go to on auto pilot, like escaping in our fantasies, Coffee on drip, over eating or drinking copious amounts of sugary or energy drinks – the list is endless and only we can be the one who can call out this stuff.

Detox never works and we all know that because it is a short-term fix to a deep rooted problem we don’t really want to take the Responsibility for and deal with properly.

No point snipping the branches or cutting back the tree if we are never prepared to look at the roots where we know (yes we do) that this is where the problem is and once we get to the root, we can then clear the way for Another Way to grow those branches and naturally allow it to live and breathe and have its place on Earth.

Yes – apply the same to us – we can be that solid and mighty oak for the world, once we get to those roots and knock and clear it out (the ill behaviour) and lock in the new Foundation.

Simple Living Global is a mighty oak when it comes to a solid website on the Internet, occupying space that can weather any storm.

On that note – this website started with a blog called

Now we have 300 and still going strong with absolutely no signs of stopping.

WHY – because it is ALL about us and it is for Humanity and that means ALL of us.

There are no subscriptions required to access this large volume of content.

What is required is a dose of Honesty to get Real, start reading and apply anything that makes sense.

As the author always says GET ON WITH IT !






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  1. Dear World

    Today is the 8th Anniversary of Simple Living Global.

    The website started with a few blogs that were more of a sharing as to ‘What if There is Another Way?’ and ‘How Do We Get Sick’. Very small presentations from an author that just loves humanity and wants to truly make a difference, but realising that first and foremost to keep the engine (the vehicle) going and keep delivering HOT topics that maybe of use to the world, they must develop a body that is fit and can withstand all weathers.

    That means, pay no attention to anyone criticising or speaking ill of any content when it is not personal, not attacking and not after anything or anyone.

    The website started with and still is on the same path of – bringing awareness to ALL of US as there are so many things that most of us do not know or we wing it and pretend we do, when we clearly do not.

    300 articles – let’s not make them cheap words and say blogs.
    These are Tablets of Truth as they were called in the old days.
    Something that has been written to serve the ALL and that means no one is left more or less. We each deserve to know how we can take deep care of our body and what all those illnesses and diseases are about, as we know so little until we go and do a search online and get smashed with so much information.

    Simple Living Global was designed to break down the so-called Intelligent language and bring it back to SIMPLE so we all get it.

    Do we realise that when something is presented to us and it’s SIMPLE, we just get it?

    Next –

    There is a lot going on in our world and Simple Living Global like to get on the front foot and deliver up to date news stories at the end of the year, highlighted in the form of a report card.

    Our delivery for 2023 was 200 pages of worldwide statistics and global news which amounted to around 700 references. We are now in year 7 of delivering these annual report cards called WORLD NEWS.

    So what do we celebrate on our anniversary?

    Nothing really to bang on or shout about and no bubbly fizz of any kind.
    Just nod, thank those that make this happen and GET ON WITH IT.

    As the author of this website says – there is work to be done so let us not waste a nano second in our nonsense.

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