Highlights this Year

Dear World

What happened this year?

What are the highlights for us?

What is it that we want to recall?

What is it that we want to remember over and over again?

What are the low lights that we never want to be reminded of that happened this year?

What were the highlights, if any or was it all low and no light at all?

For the record –  

Simple Living Global will publish our
World News
on the last day of this year –
31 December.

This year we have doubled the usual 300+ news stories and research studies that bring awareness to ALL of us about what is going on in our world.

We only present the facts and never use names and finger pointing – not our style.

This annual report card, which we have been doing since 2018 are the highlights about exactly what is happening across the world and the numbers do not lie.

That means we get to receive Statistics and those numbers confirm the Reality and for most, this will be shocking.

It is a confirmation that things are getting worse and our Band Aid Solutions are no longer cutting it.

The way we are living and operating in daily life is not working and the evidence is now in our face.

Our systems are failing us because those running the show do not have the answers that we all need and most of us know that.

Next –

Back to Highlights –

Are highlights for us the win from our favourite soccer team?

Are the highlights for us being proud of a Family member putting effort into climbing to the highest peak in their chosen Sport?

Are the highlights our claim to fame where we got close in a real life setting with a celeb and have the selfie to prove it?

Are the highlights for this year all about our influencers and what they are up to?

Are the highlights that over the top Holiday where we just want to re-live every moment and forget the Debt we incurred?

Are the highlights of this year a reminder of how bad things really are?

Are the highlights for us investing in dodgy stuff but it got us the house we wanted?

Are the highlights for us getting out of struggle as we found a way to make loads of money, with zero integrity?

Are the highlights this year the Gambling of money that was there for purpose and to pay the bills?

Are the highlights for us that double job promotion but we forget others know we can’t do the work?

Are the highlights this year working hard and earning good money but it was made from forcing our body to do over-time when it needed proper rest?

Are the highlights for us forgotten because we have a diagnosis that tells us we sure were not taking care of our body?

Are the highlights this year a stark reminder that our world has gone bonkers as nothing is making sense anymore?

Are the highlights this year forgotten under the influence of ‘merry’ Christmas1which is nothing but indulging in excess Alcohol1?

Are the highlights this year a non-stop repeat of every year where nothing seems to Flow and the struggle just continues?

Are the highlights this year an incident, accident, some illness or disease that we did not sign up for?

Are the highlights this year for us so pain-full that we would rather not utter a word even though it consumes all our thoughts daily?

Are the highlights of this year the end of an arrangement in Relationship that we wanted, but we simply cannot move on as we entertain thoughts about being Hurt decades ago?

Are the highlights of this year a celebration that was other worldly to us and we want to Hold On to that moment instead of moving on…

Next –

What Media highlights did we hang on to this year and what does it give us by Holding on?

What happens when we have our favourite Sports star die at a young age and shock their fans?

Do we go deaf because we do not want to hear what happened in their private life and how they died and why?

What happens when our celebrity comedian that entertained us through TV for decades dies from excess Alcohol2?

Do we pretend we didn’t read that or look the other way and only acknowledge the funny side and not the ugly stuff?

Do we care when our Social Media influencer suddenly dies to ask, why on earth did it happen or do we say ‘hey ho’ and move on to seeking the Next and the Next…

Are the highlights on our streets, in our face and under our nose getting to a point where the best option is escape, fantasise about anything but not the real raw Reality of what is really going on?

As we approach the end of Another Cycle Year End, what are the highlights we want or Demand for next year?

Do we somehow think that we can simply close the door and magically all the crap we created that we don’t like or want will disappear, as we go into a New Year or is it just another day?

In other words, same, same but perhaps we are a little bit more delicate as we overdid it over the Christmas2 season of Partying and excess eating and drinking?

Which means that we do want Change but we are not willing to take true Responsibility as we like being irresponsible and care-less when it comes to living daily life.

We want these highlights to entertain us in our heads but taking Action and making the movements Consistently is not something we are ready for if we are going to be Honest. That would mean taking Responsibility for absolutely everything in daily living – like cleaning the Toilet, keeping up with the cleaning and Laundry. Cooking meals and taking the Trash out to keep things moving and flowing.

The Basic 101 of everyday living is not something we value as important, so it never makes it on the highlights list of any year.

What if the very thing that will bring Real Change is LIVING the Basic 101 everyday stuff that we need to attend to and apply Consistently?

This website is dedicated to bringing awareness to ALL of US and High-Light everything that is not working and then present what does work.





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