Dear World

We have the World Health Organization – 77th World Health Assembly.
27 May – 1 June 2024 | Geneva, Switzerland (1)

Theme: All for Health, Health for All

While they Focus on All things Health for ALL of us – let us have a quick look/read at some WORLD HEALTH highlights for this year.

The following are taken from a few news headlines this year from just one country that contributes to WORLD HEALTH.



3,000 Hospital Admissions each day due to Obesity
Children admitted to hospital due to Obesity has DOUBLED (2)


HUGE RISE in women drinking themselves to Death
37% increase – HIGHEST level since records began
42% RISE in Alcohol Related Liver Disease (3)


RISE in Obesity and Remote Working –
RAPIDLY ACCELERATING in Back and Neck Problems
Driven by UNHEALTHY LIFESTYLES and seismic shifts in working patterns. (4)


Tooth Decay
number 1 reason for young children hospital admissions. (5)


750 people each week HIGHEST LEVEL since 2008

Key Factor – Increasingly Un-Healthy Population (6)




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A few news headlines about our WORLD HEALTH this year…



4-FOLD INCREASE among children over last 30 years


CONSISTENT EVIDENCE links ultra-processed food to 30 damaging health outcomes. (10)


Meta Analysis

Use of weight loss products occurs at high levels in adolescents, especially girls.

1 in 10 adolescents have used ineffective products with harmfull long-term consequences. (11, 12)


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Let us just look at one line taken from this article –

Do we all know that Diabetes is one of the oldest known human diseases? (13)

On that note – WHY have we not demanded answers?

We are the scientists and those that fund our researchers to create and develop what we need to survive or live longer, BUT we are yet to find a cure to eradicate a disease that is now a plague worldwide.

Let us not under-estimate, dismiss, negate or Ignore that Diabetes is literally wiping out the human race and we seem to accept this as it has most certainly become the ‘new norm’.

ADD to this Diabetes will continue to drain our health systems worldwide and already we are being told about a shortage in drugs used to control Diabetes (14)


The NHS continues to face supply issues with glucagon-like peptide receptor agonists (GLP-1 Ras or GLP-1 analogues), a range of drugs used for managing blood glucose levels in people with Type 2 Diabetes.

The global shortage in supply is partly due to a surge in off-label prescriptions of the drug Semaglutide being issued for weight loss, which is exceeding supply.

There is still intermittent supply and shortages of some GLP-1 analogues, including an injectable and some of these are expected to run into 2025. (14)


Now that we know Diabetes will continue to deplete our health systems worldwide – WHY are we not up in arms, making noise and uniting on this one disease (and we have plenty more where we could apply the same) and asking Questions1 – WHY WHY WHY?

Without the drugs, we all know death rates would be off the scale.

WHY are we at this point in our modern day world finding more and more Solutions to combat and fight a disease called Diabetes that has been around for centuries?

WHY are we championing scientific breakthroughs for more ways to keep Diabetes controlled but never Demanding that we want the root cause answered?

WHY on earth does anyone become PRE-DIABETIC as this did not exist in the past, so it has to be something to do with how we are living today in our so-called modern day ‘advanced world’?

WHY are our medical and scientific research advancements simply unable to keep up with the escalating rates of illness and disease OR do we need to get Back to Basics, ask Questions2 and get to the root of all the ills that we now have?

WHY are we accepting Type 2 Diabetes by taking pills or insulin to keep it controlled, when we keep being told it is a LIFESTYLE DISEASE?

WHY are most of us unaware that insulin has been around for 100 years and DIABETES is on the RISE with no signs of Slowing Down or disappearing?

If it is a Lifestyle Disease and the medics and researchers are telling us this – have we joined the dots?

What if we applied a simple dose of common sense here and worked it out that our LIFESTYLE today is far worse than how our granny or her granny lived?

They lived Simple and Late Nights, ultra-processed foods, Screen Time, Social Media, copious amounts of Alcohol1 and so-called recreational Drugs were not on the menu. They simply did not exist.

We call ourselves intelligent – so what “Intelligence” has given us these LIFESTYLE Diseases that we do not want?

Who is running the show when we refuse to get to bed early and stay up with our stimulants – Caffeine, Alcohol2 Drugs, TV, Social Media, and excess Junk Food eating anyone?

The list is endless when it comes to our behaviours that are wayward and create the ills that we say we don’t want, but we have done it by the LIFESTYLE we choose to live.

There is no-one out there that can make us do anything we do not want to do.

Why wait for a stroke or a Heart condition to give up Smoking or Alcohol1

Why not start now by taking care of the Body – the only Body we have until our last breath?

WHY do so many of us treat our Cars better than we do our Body?

We never seem to ever put the wrong fuel inside Our Car, as we know that would mess the engine up and we simply cannot move it.

Yet we somehow think this vehicle that we operate (our Body) can be given any fuel and that means anything we seek and desire to ingest and expect (YES – Expect) it to move and when it breaks down – we call that illness and disease.

We simply do not like that and want to get fixed as soon as possible, so we can go back out there (business as usual) and live the LIFESTYLE we have become comfortable with – the very choices we made that led to us getting ill.

AND finally, last year over half a BILLION people were living with Diabetes, worldwide.

The projection is this will more than DOUBLE in the next 30 years. (15)

At the rate it is going, we can expect even more than double in the next decade.

One of the reasons is BECAUSE half of the adult population that has Diabetes are unaware they are living with the condition. (16)

AND we are yet to even go there with our eating and weight issues together with physical inactivity.

Where is the study about the prevalence of Diabetes since we all started demanding this WFH – work from home way of life?

How many of us are liking the comfort of working from home with all the extra food and drink we can fit in, very little movement with no real Consistent fitness as long as we look ok on that screen meeting or keep the background noise down when we take a call?

What if this is a new cohort that must be studied as it will no doubt give us more awareness of what the working from home LIFESTYLE is bringing in terms of illness and disease?

On that note – back to how granny and her granny lived…
They worked and they worked and that was it. They had purpose.
Being physically in-active and over-eating and doing stupid things was not on their radar.

There was no such thing as STRESS as we have it today.

Here is our confirmation that with our modern day lifestyle we have created Tension and ills that display as symptoms, where our Body is communicating SOMETHING IS NOT RIGHT.

This website is a huge library, a ‘go to’ where each article presents ANOTHER WAY TO LIVE.

Why not apply or at least consider what is being offered as the author and those that do apply what is being presented are the living, walking, talking, real life evidence that there is most certainly Another Way to live that is not adding to the meteoric rise in illness and disease?


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Let us just look at one line taken from this article –


For the Record – This is old news now so Not correct


1 TRILLION – 1,000,000,000,000
Global Expenditure for Diabetes treatment (18)

Diabetes is one of the leading causes of death worldwide (19)


We could stop and be shocked, we could Ignore this big number thing or we could ask WHY on earth have we got treatment for one disease that is touching a trillion dollars?

3 years ago we had $966 Billion and everything that has been presented thus far just on this article tells us it is going up and not down – then surely we can join the dots and add up?

Way before the projection given for 2045 we are going to hit that number of one trillion. A thousand billion is a trillion and we are already at 966 billion. Diabetes is escalating rapidly across the whole world and not a single country is nailing it.

Where will the monies come from and are we going to make any Changes in our Lifestyle Choices to ensure we are not a future Statistic?

Are we taking on board that Diabetes is known as a Lifestyle Disease and that means we do not have to have it in the first place?

Are we willing to go there with some sensible Questions1 like WHY do we go to certain behaviours that do not support our Health and Well-Being?

Are we too complacent or are we too busy indulging in whatever it is we want out of life and that includes little or no physical activity, or over eating or simply not bothering to work if we can Get Away with It?

Are we ready to explore, investigate, question and Demand answers for a very old disease that has been around for a long time and is linked to our blood sugar?


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A few more news headlines this year about Diabetes


January 2024

29.3 MILLION Adults have Diabetes diagnosed

25% adults have High Cholesterol
47% have High Blood Pressure

Every 3 minutes someone dies of Stroke
Every 34 seconds someone dies of Cardiovascular Disease 

1 in 8 men are Smokers (20)


February 2024

Office of National Statistics – Analysis Data 2013 – 2019

50% age 16 – 44 with Type 2 Diabetes were Undiagnosed


May 2024


39% RISE in 6 years –
Fuelled by soaring Obesity levels and cheap Junk Food

168,000 people under the age of 40 are diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes.
Thousands more are living with the condition un-diagnosed

Half of the people aged 16 to 44 with Type 2 Diabetes are unaware they have it.

Diagnoses RISING at a SIGNIFICANTLY faster pace than among over-40s.

Britain has one of the Highest Obesity rates in Europe
2 in 3 adults are Overweight or Obese

£6 BILLION a year NHS spends to treat Obesity-related ill health

5 Million living with Diabetes in the UK

£10 Billion a year – forecast by 2050

“Drastic changes to the environments we live in and the food we eat over the last 25 years are taking a toll on our health.
We are bombarded by adverts for cheaper, unhealthy food.
The foods on our shelves are increasingly high in fat, salt and sugar.”
Colette Marshall, Chief Executive, Diabetes UK (23)

The report published said people faced a MORE aggressive and acute form of Diabetes when it developed at a younger age.

It is also associated with an increased risk of more rapid onset of devastating complications such as Heart disease, Kidney disease, Sight loss and even an early death.

The report warned of a growing impact on the economy.
43,000 people out of work as a result of long-term sickness –
“primarily because of their Diabetes”

79% INCREASE since 2019

Diabetes is also listed as a secondary condition for hundreds of thousands more people who are unable to work. (22)

Do these numbers have any effect on us or are we simply going to continue as we do in life and hope we are not going to end up being a Diabetes statistic one day?

Have the statisticians forecasting all this actually got it all right?

Could it be possible that the 1 in 9 of all adults in England that have Pre-Diabetes could soon be 4 or even 5 in 9?

If the UK has 30% living with un-diagnosed Diabetes (21) – is this what we call a ticking timebomb? – a SERIOUS 911?

What will be the rising costs of Diabetes treatments if the U.S. have 29.3 million diagnosed and 9.7 million un-diagnosed? (20)

Can we comprehend that just ONE disease is globally going to cost us a TRILLION dollars in 20 years’ time or can we admit that the way the trajectory is, it could be a lot sooner?

On that note – we have a whole new cohort – the under 40s being diagnosed with Diabetes and it is RISING SIGNIFICANTLY.

This faster pace tells us we are not keeping up and our Solutions are failing us. We cannot continue and expect Real Change unless we start questioning WHY and HOW we have got to this point.

If our younger generations are being diagnosed with Diabetes where is this going and how is WORLD HEALTH really going to be in the years to come?

Diabetes is bankrupting our health systems and we know that.

ADD to that we have the drugs being used for weight loss and this has created a new cohort that want what they find influencing them on Social Media, without giving any consideration that the drug was NEVER EVER designed for them to simply take to have a drop in weight.

WHY are we never questioning WHY we want to eat and over eat and eat the wrong types of foods and WHY we get so addicted and crave all foods that pile the weight on?

What if there is something actually going on for us that we may not want to feel but we do sense it and our ‘go-to’ override to numb it, push it down, forget it or not go there IS eating foods that will put us on the Diabetes track? That road is where we stop being physically active and opt for all foods and drinks that send our sugar levels to such highs that our body cannot cope with the overload and boom ! – we have the official diagnosis sooner than we realise DIABETES.

WHY are our policymakers and all those in authority and positions of power allowed to dish out advice if they are not taking deep care when it comes to their Health and Well-Being?

WHY are we the public, the masses, the lay people, the average citizen not asking and demanding that we want more Education, more Reality when it comes to HOW and WHY we develop Diabetes?

We need those that present to be showing us a lived body where Diabetes is NOT on their radar for 2 decades and then let’s study them as they may just have the answers we need right now.

Too many of us sit back and not say anything or hold back as talking Straight may upset others and we do not ever want confrontation as we do Nice and polite and that is about as much as we are up for.


Dear World

We ALL contribute to WORLD HEALTH and it starts with each and every single one of us.

If ANY of the above is disturbing or uncomfortable – it would be wise to ask WHY and reflect on this instead of moving on to the Next…




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  1. U.S. News – 8 May 2024

    90% of U.S. adults are on the way to Heart Disease.

    9 out of 10 American adults are in the early, middle or late stages of a syndrome that leads to Heart Disease, according to a new study by Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Harvard Medical School in Boston.

    15% met criteria for advanced stages, neither of which improved between 2011 and 2020, according to the Boston researchers.

    Researchers looked specifically at rates of what the American Heart Association has dubbed cardiovascular, kidney and metabolic (CKM) syndrome – interrelated factors that progress with time and if left unchecked, lead to Heart Disease.

    CKM syndrome is divided into 4 stages:

    Stage 1
    Excess fat build-up in the body (a risk factor for poor health).

    Stage 2
    Emergence of other metabolic risk factors (e.g., high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes).

    Stage 3
    Emergence of high-risk kidney disease and/or a high predicted risk of heart disease being diagnosed within the next 10 years.

    Stage 4
    A diagnosis of full blown heart disease, with or without kidney disease.

    The researchers from the Boston team tracked data for 2011 through to 2020.

    26% fell into the early stage 1 category, meaning they were gaining dangerous levels of body fat.

    49% were in stage 2.

    9.2% of adults were in stage 4, with full-blown disease and in some cases, failed kidneys.

    Throughout the 9 year study period, most of these numbers remained unchanged.

    The severity of CKM Syndrome rose with age:
    55.3% of people 65 and older were in an advanced stage of CKM syndrome.
    10.7% of those aged 45 to 64.

    81.8% ages 20 to 44 were already affected by these heart and kidney risk factors.

    38% of Black Americans were more likely to have CKM syndrome compared to whites.

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