What’s Next?

Dear World

What is Next for us?

Have we stopped to consider what is Next?

Is “What’s Next?” something we say every day?

Do we dread the thought of what is Next in life?

Are we always worried about what’s coming Next?

The following are Real life examples of What’s Next for most of us. We may be able to relate to what is being presented or we may dismiss it as we don’t want to go there.

Regardless, we are going to ‘Say It as It Is’ because this website is dedicated to bringing awareness to humanity about humanity and on behalf of humanity.



We have an aversion now to getting up early and doing a proper days’ work and taking responsibility.

We have lost the sense of purpose and are demanding that our employers pay us more, give us more time off and if not we will refuse to go back into work as we like the lounging around in our pj’s all day and taking the odd call, as this type of working suits us. Lockdown is to Blame but in truth we love it as it gives us the chance to do much less and indulge in our comfort.

We have the key workers like the staff in our A&E.
They are seeing the whole microcosm of what is going on in their country just from the emergency room in one night. Kids overdosing, self-harming, adults injuring and harming very young children, excess Alcohol and Drug related abuse, accidents coming in from rally biker events, elderly having more falls than ever, safeguarding issues masked, rise in domestic abuse and sexual assaults and so much more…

We phone in Sick because we have that kind of job where we can get away with it. We are keeping our fingers crossed that no work colleague sees us doing the Christmas Shopping with the kids.

We are putting up with office Politics and bullying that goes with the job and the message is on the wall – suck it up or find another job.

We hate the way we are treated by the seniors at work but we seek security above all else, so we stick to it and complain to others every day. We notice our Health is suffering as a result of the Stress.

We want a job and we have a whole list of conditions and those expectations seem to get bigger and we Blame everyone out there for not giving us the opportunity to work.

We are telling ourselves that we are looking for work to cover our bills but in truth we don’t really want a second job, so we spend our time off flapping around creating more Complications and looking busy, but nothing is changing, other than our savings are being used to supplement our low income.

We are comfortable living in an ‘arrangement’ because it gives us the excuse not to get a proper job, take responsibility and become empowered, as the uncomfortable way that we call comfort is better, as it does not challenge us or our relationship that is past its sell by date.

We cover our face with tattoos and piercings then go on Social Media barking out loud asking why we are judging and not offering them a ‘normal’ job, forgetting that most of us would find this scary.

We are self-employed with a small business, getting desperate to pay the high rise costs in energy bills, upping the prices, whining about not enough customers and forget we have a 4 week Holiday just booked and another 2 more planned.

We are the Business person with one goal – ‘make money fast’ and ‘Getting Away with It’ is how we operate, but for how long and at what cost if a custodial sentence is on the horizon?

We hate the ladder from top downwards throwing orders to the shop floor with staff getting frustrated and resentfull at their working conditions. We forget with zero Self Care for ourselves we cannot extend out any form of Self Care for those supposedly ‘beneath’ us in the workplace.

We next have the Burnout brigade. More joining by the day and long shifts including Nights takes a toll on the already Exhausted and depleted body. Self Care and an Early Night on the Days Off is not on the agenda. They work hard so they want to play hard.

Then we have those that do the day job and at night dress up and get paid big bucks for entertaining the rich, which include sexual fantasies or anything else they desire for the price paid.

What’s next when it comes to the work arena is more will Give Up and inhale the gas of lethargy that is spreading globally because the choices we are making are getting ingrained and so getting off our butt and changing direction is not so easy to activate.

Petitioning with our employers for a reduced hourly week is great news for the Exhausted working population but not if the time off is going to be used for further entertainment and distractions – none of which will build and support the body for the coming week.

Going to great lengths to find ways to make more money and do even less work as we have our future in a picture – an image that tells us we can retire decades earlier than the general mass population, but in Reality it is not going to work.



We have stopped following the old fashion way and getting an Early Night is rare or only for really Sick days.

Kids are up all night, then sleeping at 4pm on a Sunday whilst mum is busy boozing Saturday night until the early hours, so not in a fit state to lay down the law at home.

Screen Time taking over in the house and all bedrooms are online way past bedtime but we don’t care and it’s all quite normal as everyone is doing it.

We crave proper Sleep and invest in anything and everything hoping it will do the trick but forget it is a trick. Our body cannot be Fooled. It knows every move made in any given moment. There is simply no getting away from that immutable fact.

We use digital devices and give in to our toddlers that have a tantrum if we remove the gadget as they are in need of a Sleep.

We have normalised everything that goes against our natural circadian rhythm. Our body’s internal clock is not even mentioned on the school curriculum and we wonder what’s next for the future adult generation when we can see they need copious amounts of sugar to stay awake most days.

What’s next is that we are about to head for a Trillion dollar sleeping aids industry.

What’s next is we are going to need multiple Alarm Clocks as we are not waking up naturally and did not realise there are people out there that never use an alarm clock.

What’s next is a worldwide plague called Exhaustion which will lead many to overwhelm and multiple symptoms because their sleep has not been addressed.

What’s next is every nation trying to fight the Sleep thing and not coming together to admit we have a global epidemic and the way we are going about it does not work and will never work.



We do like distractions and we love it when the Media endorse it as part of a ‘healthy lifestyle’. The only thing we don’t like is we want them to last and that they give us a feeling, but instead we feel the void and are left empty and a bit dis-illusioned until the next distraction comes along. Quite easy as we only have to go online as it’s full of everything we seek under the name of distractions.

All we have to do is fantasise and those suppliers will deliver.
Pay up and it’s yours. Go into debt just to please the mrs and the kids and have those sleepless nights or do Online Shopping as self-medication because we had a tough day at work and we deserve some treats.

What’s next is dealing with the constant anxiety that seems to haunt us every night when we go to lie down and the moment we Wake up.

What’s next is even more hybrid foods to eat and show off the images on Social Media, so others know we are into the latest trend.

What’s next is the world having to come up with more and more absurd, stupid and inappropriate things in the name of distractions.

What’s next is we forget that a distraction takes us away from Focus, concentration or getting on with it and that means going to work or getting to bed early as our body is calling for it.

What’s next is booking even more indulgent and extravagant Holidays to distract us, as we feel so miserable doing the Daily Routine and having to do that ‘responsibility’ stuff.

What’s next is trying out more illicit Drugs as everyone is doing it and it helps to keep us distracted and numb so we don’t have to deal with all our issues that keep piling up.

What’s next is using distractions to remove ourselves away from any true purpose that could help us to evolve.

What’s next is the over-ride we put our body into when we go to the next distraction. The result is going to show up one day and that could be soon. We did not count on having an illness or dis-ease that came from our utter lack of Commitment to Life and distracting ourselves silly day in and day out, just to avoid feeling. In other words, used purely to numb ourselves.



For so many of us it is the “F” word and we don’t like using it.

For others Family takes over and we cannot imagine life without those Family members that we allow to take the piss (in other words, abuse us) or make fun of us (also another form of abuse) or Play Nice with, as we don’t want to rock the boat or be 2-faced and that means say one thing but talk behind their back.

Or are we the black sheep or get Blamed for anything and everything that is bad?

Do we go around like the one in the Family that was given the wrong parents, wrong siblings and wrong everything?

For some, Family is so precious and sacred but we forget about our loveless actions, which cause harm and our forever demands that leave no one feeling full and expanded. Instead they feel used and drained by our constant begging for this and that.

We had a bad childhood (join the club, that’s the majority of us) and we now want it back with good memories, so we invest in a long lasting battery mobile phone and add loads of phone numbers as we somehow want the feeling that we are loved, missed, appreciated and a part of a bigger wider Family network. All utter illusion and we know it but nevertheless we subscribe to it.

What’s next is we will see even more Family dynamics where the old deep buried unresolved issues pop up and some lose it and are outed or dismissed as the rest gang up on them.

What’s next is the jealousy and comparison coming out and rearing its ugliness for the family to see that this goes on. Oh yes, the mother jealous of how well her daughter is doing and how close she is to her father. Sibling jealousy is age old but let’s not go there shall we.

What’s next is a law being passed saying we can ‘divorce’ a Family member because of irreconcilable differences or that they refuse to empty the dishwasher on most days or hog the TV remote control.

What’s next is we want to get around to that Will and Lasting Power of Attorney as we have heard lots of bad stories about what goes on in families when it comes to money. The trouble is it’s been 4 years and we are yet to make the movement to simply call the lawyer and arrange a time to sign the documents.

What’s next is having to make decisions on behalf of elderly parents who simply do not want to go into care but we are not going to give up our lifestyle to take care of them, so it’s a no brainer for us.

What’s next is the thought that dementia is close and we don’t want to admit or face that one yet in our Family.

What’s next are more Family lawyers involved in the inheritance monies as everyone wants what they want without ever doing anything for their parents when they were alive or during the latter years when they needed extra care and support.

What’s next is that we seem to have better meaningfull relationships with close friends than our own blood Family and so we live with this constant un-settlement as we see blood as different to another that could certainly be classified as ‘true family’.

What’s next is it’s that time of year where the season is to be jolly and play Happy families. Wear the smile, eat the food we normally would not touch and talk polite, be Nice and say what everyone wants to hear.

What’s next is another New Year and all we can think about is how are we going to avoid and escape the Family this coming year without making it too obvious.


Dear World

The end of Another Year and the start of a New Year.

What’s next for us?
What’s next on the agenda?

More Resolutions that never seem to last even a week?

More Solutions to the ills that we create hoping to fix it?

For most of us life is not how we want it to be and yet we seem lost in the model of human life that tells us this is it, yet we sense something is not working…but nevertheless, we never Question anything and this is WHY we are where we are at and the End of yet Another Year.






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