To Do List

Dear World

Anyone interested in this topic about a list of things “To Do” in everyday life?

How many of us Wake Up with dread because we have an endless ‘To Do List’?

How many of us feel Anxiety coming on because our ‘To Do List’ keeps growing?

How many of us would rather turn over in bed and indulge in more Sleep than face one task on our ‘To Do List’?

How many of us have several ‘To Do Lists’ on the go most days?

How many of us avoid the Life Admin kind of ‘To Do List’ with our list of Distractions?

How many of us go blank at work with our daily ‘To Do List’ and feel anxious about what is needed?


Are we the ones that wing it and never have a list of any kind to get on with?

Are we great at making lists but not actually following through with them?

Are we big into making lists for ‘this and that’ but finishing the Job is not our strength?

Are we not interested in Completion or closing a Cycle of something we started?

Are we into multiple ‘To Do Lists’ as we get less Overwhelmed as it does not feel so huge?

Are we focused enough Consistently to get through our ‘To Do List’ without effort?

Are we always out to impress others at work as we put effort and emphasis on getting through our ‘To Do List’?

Are we anxious before bed because of our long ‘To Do List’ and when we Wake Up we still feel the Anxiety?

Are we numbed when we see our ‘To Do List’ for today, which is the same as last week, as we have done nothing?

Are we wanting help but don’t know where to go as the ‘To Do List’ keeps on growing bigger?

Are we seeking guidance via Social Media as that is where we go to for all things in life and that includes our ‘To Do List’?

Are we hard on ourselves when it comes to our ‘To Do List’ and forget that is not the way to go?

Are we the king or queen of Tick Box and that means we tick it off our ‘To Do List’ in our robotic way of living?

Are we busy in our Lifestyle bubble which does not pay attention to the so-called mundane, Boring everyday ‘To Do List’ tasks of daily life?

Are we the ones that bark our ‘To Do List’ jobs to others and we call that delegation?

Are we missing a Practical and Simple way to approach our ‘To Do List’ for daily living?

What if there was Another Way to apply ourselves when it comes to any ‘To Do List’?

What if there are no rewards at the end of the day if we get through any of our ‘To Do List’?

What if we apply ourselves and Focus on the task in hand when we do anything from our ‘To Do List’?

What if we attend to the task in hand presented on our ‘To Do List’ with the knowing it will support everyone – not just us?

What if we stop beating ourselves up with that voice that hammers us for not getting on with the ‘To Do List’?

What if we stop allowing ourselves to be goaded to do something on our ‘To Do List’ when we feel Exhausted?

What if we got our Sleep sorted and that means Early Nights, which would support our ‘To Do List’?

What if we are prepared if things happen and we cannot finish the ‘To Do List’ for the day, but it matters not, as the Priority ones were actioned?

What if we eliminate our fear about job insecurity as we did not manage to finish the entire ‘To Do List’ for the boss today?

What if we make Mistakes and end up delaying our ‘To Do List’ jobs but clock it and take Action immediately the next day?

What if we learn how to prioritise and de-prioritise what is needed and what is not when it comes to any ‘To Do List’?

What if we stop making Excuses by Putting Things Off and just GET ON WITH IT?

What if we swapped the Weekend away that we know is simply escaping our big ‘To Do List’ with facing it and GETTING ON WITH IT?

What if we end the Avoiding and Ignoring wayward way of living and just simply GET ON WITH IT?

What if we get on with the jobs that will keep things moving in the home life on our Days Off so the ‘To Do List’ is activated and applied?

What if we do not moan and groan about the ‘To Do List’ to others but inspire them by GETTING ON WITH IT with no Excuses?

What if we stop making a Big Deal about our ‘To Do List’ and simply just GET ON WITH IT?

What if we start with just a few important jobs to action on the ‘To Do List’ and take them seriously?

What if we don’t wait or expect some kind of reward for completing our ‘To Do List’ but simply move on to the Next1 and then the Next2

What if we don’t need a reward for taking prompt action on our ‘To Do List’ when it was assigned to us to GET ON WITH IT?

What if it is possible to be joyfull when approaching our ‘To Do List’ and bringing Completion in a way that is ready for the NEXT?

What if God is not going to Judge us for going to bed with an unfinished ‘To Do List’?

What if our daily living tasks no longer have to be a ‘To Do List’ but a support 101 list like Making Our Bed?

Simple Living Global have a Back to Basics Program that brings in the Simple and Practical aspect of daily living. Here are a few taken from the program we deliver.

Toilet Cleaning
Supermarket Shopping
Tidy up, Tidy up
Empty the Trash
Pending Trays
Pots and Pans

There is nothing greater than living a life where jobs/tasks actually get completed and we move on to the next without any need to discuss or celebrate.





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