BLOG 300

1. Is it time we asked Is there Another Way

2. Have we ever bothered to ask Why do we get Sick

3. Why is Coffee Big Business

4. Could it be possible We are What we Eat

5. Why do so many of us have Cold Hands, Cold Feet

6. Common Sense when it comes to Heartburn may help us

7. If we start asking Questions Questions – will there be change

8. WHY is it that we love our Chocolate so much

9. Official – our world is a mess – Have we Lost the Plot

10. Imagine having a Passport to Get Real

11. What are all these World Health Day themes about

12. Would we benefit if we started Building a Foundation

13. What if we Keep it Simple in all areas of life

14. How many of us realise that EXPRESSION IS EVERYTHING

15. Are we aware of our World Asthma issue

16. Why have we created a syndrome called Chronic Fatigue

17. What is Intellegence1

18. What if we all stopped the Gossip, Judgement and Cursing

19. Why do we have Champagne Lifestyle, Lemonade Money

20. Is it time we all know the Truth about Dairy

21. Why do we think Lying is not Normal

22. Check the comments for update on world DRUG NEWS

23. Have we thought about the War Inside Us

24. Read more about the Independence Day celebrations

25. Do we know that Gluten is a Glue

26. The Real Truth about MARIJUANA

27. Modern Slavery is still going on – a must read for All

28. Can we learn more by Understanding Sport

29. What is going on for our Youth1 today

30. The Real Truth about AMPHETAMINES

31. Why do we Blame the world and its brothers

32. Ground Breaking News – EARTHQUAKES

33. Could we all learn more about Suicide

34. What would happen if we Let Go, Let Go

35. What happens if we Do Nothing, Do Something

36. The Real Truth about ALCOHOL

37. Have we Forgot Something, Lost Something

38. Why is Mental Health such a big global issue

39. How many of us are Living a See Through Life

40. What have we all created with our Internet

41. Is it time to Get Real, Get Honest and Get to Truth

42. What is Our Priority in Life

43. Is this a thorough presentation about Diabetes

44. What have we done with Television

45. Is the Law of Cause and Effect, the same as Karma

46. Why is our world going for more, More More

47. Why are we seeking a Perfect Life

48. Why are we a Careless Society

49. What is Christmas all about

50. Why is New Year such a big deal for some of us

51. Do Diets Work

52. What if there was a simple Recipe for Life

53. Why is the Common Cold so common

54. Is there more we could learn about Cancer

55. Have we all heard of FGM – Female Genital Mutilation

56. Why are some of us Bored with Life

57. Are we really Getting Away with It

58. Can we fly Business Class to Heaven

59. How are we looking after our Kidneys

60. Why is Sleep such a big global problem

61. Is there such a thing as Happiness

62. What do Birthdays mean to us

63. DEPRESSION – our leading cause of ill Health and Disability

64. What happens if we make a Commitment to Life

65. What are we all doing to our planet Earth

66. What if we all started to Be Gentle in all our movements

67. Where has Listening to Other People got us

68. Is there more to learn about Intelligence2

69. WHY is High Blood Pressure so prevalent today in our world

70. Could we work things out if we practiced Nil by Mouth

71. Tobacco1 is killing us and we all know this

72. Why are Eating Disorders now a big problem in society

73. What is the state of our world Global Wellness

74. Are we Giving up on Life because of our choices

75. What is going on with our Social Media world

76. What if Truth was at the core of every choice we make

77. What is there to learn about our Feet and Footwear

78. Are Mistakes all about learning in life

79. What would happen if we Stop Shouting and Swearing

80. What if we all started saying What if1 … what would happen

81. What more could we learn about what our Youth2 are up to

82. Do we treat Our Car like it was our body

83. Why do most of us live Life in the Fast Lane

84. What are we doing about our Dodgy Emails

85. What are Video Games doing to us

86. Are we aware of what Holding On is doing to us

87. There is so much more to understand about the human Heart1

88. Why do we have this Just Incase Syndrome

89. Why do most of us live a Double Life

90. Can we admit we have Our Vices, Our Secrets

91. The Real Truth about SPICE – synthetic cannabis

92. What is Hot Talk

93. Why are some of us comfortable Sitting on the Fence

94. Can we agree our world is full of Solutions, Solutions

95. Do we know enough about Fast Food, Junk Food

96. What is it about the month of D E C E M B E R

97. Are We Being Fooled

98. Time to admit we all got stuff going on with Family

99. Can Closing Cycles help us move forward in life

100. This BLOG is asking more questions about human life

101. Why do so many of us keep living our life in Regret

102. Where are we Overdoing It and where has it got us

103. Why have we made Crazy Days our normal days now

104. Doing a Take 2 gives us the space to have another go

105. Complications are the total opposite to living Simple

106. How many of us are aware of what Raynaud’s is

107. To not get distracted, common sense says Focus

108. Read what is going on for Women all over the world

109. Jet Lag affects many of us – this is well worth reading

110. Plug in and Connect means we get to feel inside us

111. Read – The Real Truth about Caffeine

112. What is the state of our World Health – read this

113. Commitment to Life2 means taking Responsibility

114. Do Less and Be More is medicine for us right now

115. GET ON WITH IT and Focus on what needs to be done

116. A simple and practical guide to Closing our Eyes

117. What happens when we learn to stop – just STOP

118. What do we really see when we look into the Mirror

119. Read – The Real Truth about Tobacco2  – Part 2

120. Have we all heard about FOMO – Fear of Missing Out

121. Real Talking cuts out the fake and phoney nonsense

122. Check what this blog says about Heart Handshake

123. A life of true Consistency is a life of true Responsibility

124. Pay attention world – Tidy Up is super important

125. Would we invest in this world if it was a Business

126. Bog standard presentation Toilet Talk – a must read

127. Politics – this one page article really speaks volumes

128. The what, why, when and how about our Excuses

129. What if2 our world considered the questions in this blog

130. What is it about us that never completes the Odd Jobs

131. WHY do we have a Holiday industry worth $8.8 trillion

132. Is there a science behind going to bed at 9 o clock

133. How do we really take care of our Pots and Pans

134. This 911 wake up call is a real emergency for us ALL

135. Dear World – what would happen if we ALL read this

136. A practical handout to support us when we Wake Up

137. Another practical handout for Cleaning our Glasses

138. Another practical guide – Hand Washing for any age

139. Living Life in the Danger Zone is well worth reading

140. Read – The Real Truth about Stress

141. WHY is Self Care not on our agenda from day dot

142. Read the benefits of Living Life in the Flow Zone

143. Trash the Body + take Vitamins = really no point

144. What goes on when we have the End of a Year

145. Have we thought about the real Waste at Christmas

146. Christmas Shopping – largest economic stimulus

147. Global News for 2018 reporting the facts and stats

148. WHY have our New Year Resolutions never worked

149. What goes on with us in the month of J A N U A R Y

150. Read – The Real Truth about Obesity

151. How can we have Loneliness with 7.7 billion people

152. The Real Truth about Children’s Mental Health

153. Empty the Trash includes a guide to cleaning our bin

154. What if we put voice to what we feel = JUST TALK

155. WHY are so many of us Struggling in everyday life

156. Salt Awareness education is now needed for us ALL

157. Read what there is to know about Alarm Clocks

158. 50% of world population affected by Oral diseases

159. Here is another take on our Pending Trays

160. England alone 71 million Anti Depressant prescriptions

161. What does a Day Off mean to us and what do we do

162. Read the stats and the facts about our Food Waste

163. What would life be like if we all went Back to Basics

164. Are we really Smart or is this what we think we are

165. £20 billion – cost of poor Numeracy to UK economy

166. How often in daily life do we get that Push feeling

167. Read – The Real Truth about Tobacco3 – Part 3

168. Check out the facts about Waste in our World

169. What would happen if we all started to ‘Say It As It Is’

170. Read – The Real Truth about Opioids

171. Read the value and importance of what Completion is

172. SOMETHING IS NOT RIGHT in this world of ours

173. Simple Living just makes sense – read this blog

174. NOTHING TO DECLARE – what is that all about

175. Drinking Water is super important for the human body

176. A strong message to ALL of us about Passing Water

177. This What if3 Part 3 is presenting even more questions

178. What does Slowing Down really mean and why do it

179. Why have we got this Can’t Wait attitude going on

180. This Sleeptember is delivering even more on sleep

181. Absolute must read forensic article about Hoarding

182. Sorting Things Out in our life has value and purpose

183. More about our precious human Heart2 in this Part 2

184. Online Shopping – our modern world drug of choice

185. Read more about the state of our World Mental Health

186. STOPTOBER is about giving up smoking for October

187. A much needed practical guide for Toilet Cleaning

188. How many of us live a life with Double Standards

189. What are we up to – True Action or Empty Words

190. Read the details presented about Atrial Fibrillation

191. Why are we aligning and subscribing to Black Friday

192. What is it about us that gets in Christmas Party Mode

193. What does it mean to us when Another Year is over

194. Questions to consider on this Christmas Day article

195. Annual report card on the state of our world in 2019

196. Giving up alcohol for a month is called Dry January

197. Citizen Journalism is ALL of us reporting the facts

198. People Health Education is now what the call is

199. Life Lessons 101 – our sister website will be coming

200. What if change is possible if we read the 200 blogs

201. Are we ready for a World Annual General Meeting

202. Before we dismiss Napping – read this presentation

203. A foundational guide to Making our Bed every day

204. Late Nights are not our natural design – read this blog

205. A very use-full and valuable Email Housekeeping Guide

206. We all need a Life DIY Manual and here it is…

207. Having a Daily Routine supports us more than we realise

208. Walk the Talk – no point honking your horn – utter waste

209. This website is the confirmation there is Another Way to Live

210. There is no such thing as Boring Jobs – read the blog

211. FOR THE RECORD – our world is in a serious mess

212. A caring guide for all things needed for Hand Care

213. A step by step guide to take deep care of our Feet

214. Our “Because We Can” behaviour has consequences

215. It is high time we raised the bar by Setting Standards

216. A must read for all of us FINISH THE JOB – no excuses!

217. MEDIA – time we all started questioning what this is

218. WHY do the majority of us get Headaches

219. What is possible if we had a Simple Lifestyle

220. Multi-Tasking ensures we are never steady or present

221. The Real Truth about Gambling – a disease we have today

222. The Real Truth about Cocaine – a must read for us all

223. Hundreds of news stories for the year ending 2020

224. It is high time we all got a REALITY CHECK

225. What are we leaving with our Digital Footprints

226. Check the stats on what we are up to on Valentine’s Day

227. The Real Truth about Heroin – every child needs to read this

228. Speaking Up means not holding back on the Truth

229. Why is it that we don’t like Change – blog worth reading

230. Practical Living from an author that lives and loves Practical

231. The statistics on this forensic blog Screen Time are a must read

232. Playing Nice is not real or true but fake and phoney

233. Why is it that we often Mis-Interpret when it comes to Truth

234. Pause means we don’t move, we take a moment to breathe

235. Why do we get STUCK in life and how can we change that

236. If we don’t like it then WHY do we keep Putting Things Off

237. How did we become mini experts at Ignoring the Signs

238. Our Neighbourhood, Our Community does matter

239. What if we started having real and proper Conversations

240. An extract from our forthcoming book on Migraine

241. Why bother opening our mouth if we can’t Tell ‘em Straight

242. Most of the world is Exhausted – this is an Absolute must read

243. What, why where and how are we Hiding in this world

244. A serious account to bring awareness about Alcohol

245. Why do we behave Online differently to offline

246. A presentation that highlights how Life is Out of Balance

247. Even more news stories for the year ending 2021

248. Why is it that we have a void and feel Empty Inside

249. Read about this phenomenal website SIMPLE LIVING GLOBAL

250. Our Lifestyle Choices can lead to lifestyle diseases

251. Tick Box life will not make a dent when it comes to real change

252. Night Shift has to be read by all workers as a wake up call

253. Reminder – Weekends are just the same as any other day

254. A practical guide about our Paperwork that needs attention

255. Being Honest is no longer the standard or normal

256. A super simple blog so we have NO BIG DEAL

257. Well worth living these words – Stay On Track

258. 988 is the new USA helpline for Suicide Crisis

259. Band Aid to a bullet wound approach will never work

260. Everyone in our world seems to be Tired – WHY

261. Our Hidden Agenda serves no one because there is No Purpose

262. Why are we Fed Up and what does that actually mean

263. Fake and Phony lifestyle is widely accepted – why is this

264. How does Mind Your Own Business work for us

265. A practical guide to taking care of our Nails

266. A supportive guide for Preparing for Sleep

267. Well worth reading the tips for Supermarket Shopping

268. Early Nights – another chapter from our Sleep Book

269. Cold Weather needs our attention. Ignoring it does not work

270. What’s Next when it comes to living life everyday

271. A wake up report card about WORLD NEWS in 2022

272. A 101 for All of us – Talk to Someone

273. Are we ready to know about the State of our World

274. Overwhelmed – worth reading as it could make sense

275. Why do most of us have Hurts and bury them

276. How We Live in every moment, every day matters

277. Time we started asking More Questions about everything

278. Are we aware of what Lifestyle Diseases are

279. Do we know what Rushing around does to our body

280. FENTANYL – another forensic in our Real Truth series

281. Everything in this blog tells us THIS IS SERIOUS

282. How are we Living is a very important blog

283. Avoiding has consequences so start with reading this

284. A Master of Laundry sharing about a Laundry manual

285. What is NEXT for us in this world – ponder on this one

286. As the masses have Anxiety – this presentation is a start

287. What are we up to when it comes to Breakfast every day

288. A reminder that supply comes after we make the DEMAND

289. A very serious presentation for All of us – DEBT

290. Comfort Eating seems to be like a hobby – why is that

291. A snapshot in numbers – World Statistics

292. This disease is now highly prevalent – Pancreatic Cancer

293. Read more about what is currently trending – Fasting

294. What were the Highlights for us this year – 2023

295. Our end of year report card – World News 2023

296. Continuation of our World Report Card – even More

297. Why is this topic so popular in January – DETOX

298. Real Life examples of what is now our New Normal

299. WHY do we create such un-necessary Tension every day






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